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Quality assurance

All our staff are committed to our customer promise to provide “effortless laboratory services – in the best interests of your customers”. In keeping with our corporate values, we aim to be the market leader in the areas of both quality and efficiency.

Our high-quality services are based on internationally recognized standards, including the SFS-EN ISO 15189, SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and SFS-EN ISO 22870. Our testing laboratory has demonstrated the competence of its specialties to the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS). For further detailed information on our areas of competence, please visit the FINAS website at

(in Finnish only).

With regard to pre-clinical and, where relevant, clinical trials, we follow the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines. Our doping control analysis laboratory complies with the International Standards for Testing and special requirements of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).

Our areas of competence:

  • Human and equine doping control analysis
  • Genetics
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Clinical microbiology and immunology
  • Therapeutic drug testing and drugs of abuse testing
  • Specimen collection
  • Pathology
  • Point-of-care testing

United Medix Laboratories Ltd.’s quality policy

United Medix Laboratories is a private laboratory service provider, specializing in the analysis of samples related to health and physiology. We support the patient work of our healthcare sector partners and their organizational development. For our industrial, research and regulatory customers we offer reliable, high-quality and impartial analytical services.

We plan and develop our services in response to our customers’ requirements based on their medical and operational requirements, pre- and post-analysis and analysis quality assurance considerations, IT and other technological advances and a holistic service attitude. We strive to meet our customers’ expectations at all times both in terms of laboratory and customer service quality.

It is of utmost importance to us to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and other interest groups and the well-being of our staff at all times. All team members at United Medix Laboratories are experts in their own field and professionally actively engaged with their sector. We aim for profitable operation, which undergoes continual development and growth.

Our management system is designed to ensure reliable and high-quality results, adequate documentation of all our activities, and ongoing development. The management system is based on the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and SFS-EN ISO 15189 standards and, with regard to POC testing, the SFS-EN ISO 22870 standard. All pre-clinical and, where relevant, clinical trial specimen handling complies with the OECD’s GLP guidelines. Our doping control laboratory follows the World Anti Doping Agency International Standards for Testing and other special requirements. We are committed to ensuring our compliance with these standards at all times.

Our management system comprises all United Medix Laboratories activities, staff and, through contractual arrangements, all supplier and sub-contractor partners. Our management encourages all those working at United Medix Laboratories to work in accordance with our in-house principles and aims.


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