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Information about us

United Medix Laboratories Ltd is a Finnish service company providing an extensive selection of laboratory services. We offer comprehensive central laboratory services to the fields of clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, pathology and genetics as well as to therapeutic drug testing, drugs of abuse testing and drug testing in sports. We also support our customers in local laboratories, covering point-of-care testing and specimen collection services at customer locations.

We serve the healthcare throughout Finland, such as private health clinics, public sector medical laboratories and primary care as well as drug testing in sports both nationally and internationally.

It is our vision to be the best partner for our customers in laboratory services.

Quality assurance

The quality of our laboratory is based on internationally recognized standards, including the SFS-EN ISO 15189, SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and SFS-EN ISO 22870. Our testing laboratory has demonstrated the competence of its specialties to FINAS. In keeping with our corporate values, we aim to be the leader in the areas of both quality and efficiency.

Customer promise

All our staff are committed to provide our customers with “effortless laboratory services – in the best interests of your customers”.

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