We provide digital solutions and local laboratory services for effective and reliable point-of-care testing (POCT)

Point-of-care testing is increasing significantly, making laboratory testing faster and more accessible. However, outside the control of the central laboratory quality assurance often becomes difficult and may compromise the reliability of the test results.

MediPOC is an expert solution for your POCT management

MediPOC is a comprehensive software solution designed to make point-of-care testing easier, more reliable and more efficient. MediPOC is an open system that can be connected to all POC diagnostic devices and fully integrated into the existing IT platform of your organization.

MediPOC point-of-care testing management system enables monitoring of all POC devices in different locations from one screen. Centralized management helps in the quality control of POC equipment and improves reliability of results. Data is transferred directly from POC devices to patient data system. MediPOC provides an answer to all your POCT needs in hospitals and private medical practices. It is also suited to other care units, such as nursing homes, ambulances and hospitals at home.

Take your POC testing under control with MediPOC

MediPOC solves known challenges in POC testing.

Data management

No more recording of results by hand, mistakes or missing results. With MediPOC results are recorded into the existing information system (LIS/HIS) automatically.

Quality assurance

MediPOC provides better quality management through centralized and remote control of all POC testing and devices.

All test results are verified through autovalidation.

MediPOC generates easily accessible and understandable data and statistics, which assists your organization in complying with ISO 22870 accreditation requirements.

Employee assistance

MediPOC makes POC testing easier and uniform. With the help of practical instructions, failure notifications and corrective action suggestions testing becomes easier and more efficient, so that everyone can perform POC testing like an expert.

Productivity improvement

Controlled, centralized and uniform POC testing process saves time by increasing the efficiency of work and leading to shorter patient care times.

By automatizing data transfer and quality control processes, MediPOC not only improves quality and patient safety, but also frees the time of care personnel to focus on more material issues.

Why choose MediPOC?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it – recorded data and statistics on all POC activity enable improved operational and financial planning.

Developed by clinical laboratory experts, MediPOC is designed entirely from the point of view of the user by combining simplicity and functionality ensuring customer satisfaction.

“MediPOC has made our point-of-care testing and emergency duty services notably faster and easier. It has also made our work more uniform and through that improved patient safety. – Medical laboratory scientist, Quality Assurance Manager at Pihlajalinna private clinic (Pihlajalinna Group)

One of the largest private social and healthcare services providers in Finland, Pihlajalinna Group, has been using MediPOC since 2012.

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