We are the leading private central laboratory in Finland

We operate in the healthcare value chain by offering clinical laboratory services to private and public sectors in Finland and in international markets. Our customers include clinics, hospitals, primary care and occupational healthcare. In addition, we provide drug testing to different organizations, and clinical research services to medical research groups and industrial clients. Our central laboratory is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Our assortment includes over 1600 different tests and we carry out around 3.5 million analyses every year

Our areas of competence are:

Automation laboratory
• General chemistry
• Allergology
• Autoimmune diseases
Specialized Chemistry
• Antibodies
• Protein fractionation
• Hormonal studies
• Detection of bacterium and viruses
• Antidote research
• Histology
• Pap samples
• Cytology
• Genetic diseases
• Pharmacogenetics
Drugs of abuse and therapeutics control
• Drugs of abuse testing at work places
• Therapeutic drug monitoring

We are proud of our firstclass customer service

In case you might need our help, we offer customer service in English, Swedish and Finnish from Monday to Friday. Our customers have rated our service to be excellent (average rate 9.2 out of 10) in a customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2016.

Highlights of the analyses we provide:

Sensitive laboratory analysis for the diagnostics and monitoring of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs)
Pharmacogenetic panel
A tool for better drug selection and more efficient treatment
Anti-TNF α–treatment monitoring
Determination of Adalimumab and Infliximab levels and antibodies
Phadiatop COMBI Plus
Allergy screening and components

Kivihaantie 7
00310 Helsinki

puh. 020 734 1550
faksi (09) 412 5773
arkisin klo 8 -16

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